Tangerine and Green Tea Shower Gel


Aromatherapy gift shower gel mandarin with green tea with bubbles made for a gift with a mandarin-tea scent.

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Tangerine and green tea shower gel from the line of aromatherapy cosmetics, green tea with mandarin and bubbles. The foam bubbles gently settle on the body, bringing out a beautiful fragrance to the outside.
Tangerine and green tea shower gel designed for body care. A bath with mandarin and green tea with bubbles gives a feeling of relaxation for tired muscles and the whole body and improves blood circulation as a natural relaxing agent.

Green tea (Latin Thea Sinesis) tones the skin and maintains elasticity. Green tea extract protects the skin against free radicals and the harmful effects of a polluted environment, oxygenates skin cells, and stimulates cell renewal processes. It is a rich source of provitamin A and vitamins B1, B2, C, PP, K and micronutrients.
The flavonoids in green tea effectively remove free radicals from the body, and polyphenols help prevent atherosclerosis and heart disease. These compounds are anti-inflammatory and bactericidal and soothe allergic reactions. They have a harmonising, relaxing and energising effect on the body and psyche.


  • relaxation for the body;
  • skin cleansing;
  • velvety skin.

How to use:
Pour a little gel on your hand and gently spread it over your body with circular movements, using a sponge. Store the product in a dark and dry place at a temperature of up to 25 ° C.

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Weight 270 g
Dimensions 65 × 49 × 175 mm

250 ml


provitamin A and vitamins B1, B2, C, PP, K and micronutrients.


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