Shower Gel with Nanosilver


Shower gel with colloidal silver nano particles.


Shower gel with nanosilver is an natural agent that destroys over 650 different bacteria, viruses, molds and fungi.
Gel also contains lemongrass and rosemary essential oil, it is used to relieve fatigue and relax this is why the shower gel with nanosilver has been designed and created to care for and create a good mood during and after bathing.

Colloidal silver ions treat burns, eczema, eczema and mycoses. They cleanse the skin of toxins and dead microbial bodies and accelerate the regeneration of damaged epidermis.

Shower gel with nanosilver contains colloidal silver nano particles, which is an effective and natural means of destroying over 650 different bacteria, viruses, molds and fungi.


  • support they heal burns;
  • treatment of eczema and mycosis;
  • cleaning the skin of toxins;
  • regeneration of damaged epidermis.


How to use: Apply the gel on the wet body. Gently massage the body with the gel in circular movements. Store in a dark and dry place at temperatures below 25 ° C. Shower gels improve blood circulation in the skin, stimulate and strengthen the skin. They contain special additives that create a thin protective layer on the skin, preventing it from drying out.

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500 ml


colloidal silver nano particles, essential oil of lemongrass and rosemary.


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