Rose Bath Salt with Essential Oils


Coarse-grained rose bath salt with oils and rose petals regenerating.

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Rose bath salt with essential oils – regenerating. Natural salt containing rose necessary oil (Latin Rosa Gallica) and restoring microelements. The minerals contained in the salt penetrate the skin during bathing. A salt bath with rose petals has a relaxing and regenerating effect on the skin and tones the entire body. It also contains natural moisturizing oils that create a thin protective layer on the skin, preventing it from drying.

French rose oil (Latin Rosa Gallica) has a positive effect on wrinkles and smoothes them, improves mood, and refreshes the body; also used as a cosmetic bath additive that supports the treatment of irritated skin (with minor wounds, pimples, or sensitive skin allergies).
It has a relaxing and calming effect on the body. It removes muscle fatigue, cleanses, revitalizes the skin, and removes harmful substances.
The oil has a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect; it is suitable for dry skin prone to itching. It also restores a fresh look to tired skin, especially recommended for sensitive and aging skin.
It significantly alleviates broken capillaries’ symptoms and helps heal any irritations.

Bath salt cleanses the skin, relaxes the mind, and relaxes the body. It also softens the water, colors it, and gives a beautiful fragrance while bathing. The salt bath is enriched by adding herbal petals and aromatic roots. Each salt bath is delightful and becomes a fabulous, fantastic adventure.
The elements in the coarse salt are needed for the chemical reactions that constantly occur in the human body, regulating metabolic processes. Depending on the essential oil added, the bath has a relaxing or stimulating effect. A bath in salt with the addition of plant extracts brings you into a state of complete relaxation.


  • improves mood;
  • regenerates the skin;
  • improves blood circulation;
  • cleanses the skin.


How to use: Pour 3-4 tablespoons of salt into the prepared bath. The perfect results are obtained at a temperature of 40-45 ° C and after 20 minutes of salt bath duration. Salt not only cleans but also nurtures and relaxes the whole body. The optimal temperature for a refreshing morning bath in salt with flower petals and oils is around 30ºC.
On the other hand, a relaxing evening bath, just before going to bed, can be even eight degrees warmer. The body then rests and relaxes perfectly.

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