Propolis Concentrate with Potassium Iodide 10ml


Propolis Extract With Iodine For Feet And Nails, 10ml

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Propolis concentrated with potassium iodide perfectly cares for the demanding skin of the feet and nails. 

It contains as much as 97% of propolis—substances with potent anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties.

It is a practical element of antiseptic prophylaxis after podiatry procedures such as pedicures, correcting ingrown nails, and care treatments for mycosis and people with diabetic foot problems.

It is a natural, skin-safe agent with a broad spectrum of activity. Propolis concentrate with iodine for home and podiatry use.


  • cleans from bacteria;
  • maintains its natural protection;
  • safe for skin and nails.



Do not use in cases of suspected thyroid cancer, lymphocytic thyroiditis or thyroid autonomic adenoma. Dermatitis herpetic (Duhring’s disease). Manifest hyperthyroidism.


  • How to use: spot the product directly on clean and dry skin or use a tamponade.

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Propolis Extract, Alcohol Denat, Potassium Iodide


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