Natural Christmas set of shower gels


Research shows that well-groomed, attractive-looking people are much healthier, get sick less and have greater mental resilience.


Dead Sea Mud and Salt Shower Gel is designed and made for body care and relaxation. A gel bath will stimulate your senses; the body will gain balance and positive energy.
This will result in gentle skin care and skin protection against drying out. Mud shower gel and salt with minerals from the Dead Sea can be a great gift idea and an original gift for anyone who cares about the health of their skin.

The Dead Sea mineral mud has caring and therapeutic properties. It is effective in combating cellulite, adipose tissue, stretch marks, and various dermatological problems.

Dead Sea salt from the Dead Sea relaxes the muscles, relieves discomfort and removes fatigue. It has beneficial effects in treating psoriasis, eczema and other skin problems.


  • protects the skin from drying out;
  • gentle care;
  • reduces cellulite;
  • helps in the treatment of psoriasis and eczema.


Tangerine and green tea shower gel from the line of aromatherapy cosmetics, green tea with mandarin and bubbles. The foam bubbles gently settle on the body, bringing out a beautiful fragrance to the outside.
Tangerine and green tea shower gel designed for body care. A bath with mandarin and green tea with bubbles gives a feeling of relaxation for tired muscles and the whole body and improves blood circulation as a natural relaxing agent.

Green tea (Latin Thea Sinesis) tones the skin and maintains elasticity. Green tea extract protects the skin against free radicals and the harmful effects of a polluted environment, oxygenates skin cells, and stimulates cell renewal processes. It is a rich source of provitamin A and vitamins B1, B2, C, PP, K and micronutrients.
The flavonoids in green tea effectively remove free radicals from the body, and polyphenols help prevent atherosclerosis and heart disease. These compounds are anti-inflammatory and bactericidal and soothe allergic reactions. They have a harmonising, relaxing and energising effect on the body and psyche.


  • relaxation for the body;
  • skin cleansing;
  • velvety skin.

Designed for washing and caring for the body, relaxing and relaxing it, relieving fatigue and creating a good mood during and after bathing.

Organic Prickly Pear Shower Gel
Research shows that well-groomed, attractive-looking people are much healthier, get sick less and have greater mental resilience. Contemporary cosmetology is closely related to medical science, and the products developed in the laboratory are not just ordinary cosmetics, and certainly not chemical products. They have a positive effect on the skin due to the fact that their ingredients in the form of oils and plant extracts and fruit extracts are very rich in flavonoids, hydroxy acids, provitamins and mineral salts.


Green Trees Eco


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Weight 420 g
Dimensions 440 × 354 × 160 mm


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