Soap Bar with Pheromones For-Man


For-Man hand-made soap glycerin heart with pheromones and phytoendorphs for men.

natural fragrance for all skin no palm oil

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A luxurious energising soap bar with pheromones For-Man improves the skin’s condition and gives a unique feeling of freshness.
Contains pheromones and noni extract with phytoplankton, the so-called happiness hormones.
It increases your attractiveness by acting on the woman’s subconscious. It creates a positive aura around you, and life situations, from flirting to business negotiations, become more accessible. Successful people in Western countries use pheromone soaps.
Pheromones are odourless, volatile hormonal substances that increase our attractiveness and stimulate our senses and imagination.

These pheromones, called “Love Substances,” are transmitted to the areas of the brain responsible for emotions in the form of chemical signals informing the human brain about the attractiveness of the opposite sex. So a kind of chemical communication takes place here.

  • no chemicals;
  • no artificial additives;
  • natural fragrance.


During the tests conducted by a sexologist, 3/4 of the participants positively assessed the effects of the pheromones used in soaps.

Please note: The soaps are handmade – the final appearance may differ from those in the photo.

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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 79 × 70 × 25 mm

100g (+ – 5g)


For-Man hand-made soap glycerin heart with pheromones and phytoendorphs for men.




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