Bamboo Cotton Buds 200 pcs


200 pieces of biodegradable, eco-friendly bamboo cotton buds perfect for your bathroom. Plastic-free and chemical-free.

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Eco-friendly bamboo cotton buds are convenient and ordinary, so it is easy to forget their environmental impact. But we love using them: It has been estimated that we will use over 500 billion of these worldwide in 2021.
Sadly, most are made of plastic, which needs centuries to break down. In the meantime, animals mistake it for food, eventually killing them.
A sustainable alternative to plastic is bamboo. Bamboo cotton buds are biodegradable while being as sturdy and durable as the plastic version. So, they are the perfect alternative.

These cotton buds are:

  • free from plastic;
  • free from chemicals;
  • biodegradable;
  • eco-friendly.


How to use:
Use the bamboo cotton bud as a conventional cotton bud. Afterwards, you can dispose of it in your personal or local compost. A detailed digital user manual is provided.

Hazards and Cautions:
Do not insert it into your nose or ear canal

Additional information

Weight 62 g
Dimensions 91 × 40 × 77 mm


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