About us

Green Trees Eco is an online store where you can buy ecological body and home care products.
We make every effort to ensure that the products we offer do not contain ingredients that are harmful to your environment and nature.
Our mission is to change the world for the better by changing the purchasing habits of our customers, selecting the appropriate producers and providing full ecological information.
At Green Trees Eco, we select and promote brands created by people who care about the fate of the earth and respect. We look at the composition of products and analyze their impact on the environment. First of all, we do not offer chemical and plastic products.
We make sure that the products are not only eco-friendly, but most of all effective and have high-quality active ingredients.
It has been known for a long time that the world does not benefit from the ubiquitous “chemistry”. It poisons everyone and everything. Us and our world. So we told cosmetics full of preservatives, flavors, dyes, fillers, conditioners and many other nasty things that accumulate in our bodies day after day, burden, weaken and destroy. We gave up washing and cleaning agents based on heavy, synthetic chemicals that are absorbed through our skin, inhaled with the air we breathe.

Today we know that IT REALLY WORKS. These products are indeed of high quality and effectiveness. Household remedies are as effective as all those massively advertised on television. At the same time, contrary to appearances, they are not much more expensive because they are very efficient, often concentrated and do not contain unnecessary fillers that only increase the volume.
It is the same with ecological, natural cosmetics and body care products.

We focus on the eco lifestyle – it’s really good and it works. You just have to trust us and try it and you will be surprised. And you’ll Be Eco.

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